ICARUS Beta Weekend #4 Details Revealed – New Predator, Character Respec

Yesterday, RocketWerkz announced a new schedule for the Beta Weekends and launch of ICARUS. Included in that rescheduling was a new mission, playable this upcoming Beta Weekend. Now RocketWerkz has given us more details on the upcoming mission, as well as other changes coming with this weekend’s update. Notable from the announcement is the arrival of a new predator, a chance to respec your character’s Talents and Tech Tree, and the specifics of the beta weekend’s timetable.

We’ll give you the key bit first: Beta Weekend #4 will run from 5PM PDT Friday, October 8th to 11PM PDT Monday, October 11th. The extra day will ensure you’ve got enough time to recover all three pieces of the satellite — or at least, that’s the idea.

Mission Parameters

Details of the mission were also included in the most recent announcement. We now know the mission title is “Broken Arrow”, and that we are supposed to recover Enzyme Warheads from three separate downed Inaris satellites. These satellites were supposed to be moth-balled and sit dead in orbit, but they lost their orbits, crashed, and now need to be recovered before anyone else can get to them.

This mission will require players to collect warheads from three biomes: the Forest, the northern Arctic, and the newly unlocked southern Arctic (which will become available for the first time this weekend). Apparently, the satellites crashing attracted some new wildlife, and something about the terraforming tech may have made the animals even more aggressive. The Arctic reportedly has another Mammoth and a monstrous Polar Bear in store for prospectors, and the new predator lurks somewhere in the forest.

icarus new predator beta weekend 4 details
I guess the terraforming tech makes animals swole

New Arctic Zone

Beta Weekend #4 opens up yet another part of the map, this time in the southeast of the current play area. The new playable section is fairly small compared to the one unlocked in the previous beta weekend, but is likely home to plenty of danger nonetheless. While we still won’t be given terrain data on our maps, the location of all 3 mission objectives will be marked.

octorber beta weekend new playable area
An Octorberpus is not a new animal you can find in the lakes of Icarus

Talent & Tech Tree Changes

Last but not least, the Tech Tree and Talent Trees will both be reset for all characters — but you won’t lose the points you’ve accumulated. RocketWerkz has rebalanced both trees significantly, and you’ll get a chance to spend your points on the newly improved trees come Friday. There are a handful of other QoL changes and bug fixes, which you can read below.

The amount of Blueprints awarded each level is being reduced, so more careful planning will be required going forward; do you want to prioritize getting to stone buildings, or do you need that leak-proof water bottle for a long journey into the Arctic? Another change is the requirement of a heat source when sleeping, which will necessitate more thoughtful interior decorating.

Beta Weekend #4 Patch Notes

Notable Quality of Life changes:

  • Added a requirement for prospectors to be near a source of warmth to be able to sleep
  • The Rain Reservoir now has slots for ice and containers
  • Rebalanced recipes for benches, concrete buildables, weapons/tools and cabinets to now require iron nails and steel screws, and adjusted the ingot requirements accordingly
  • Added a blueprint to the armor bench allowing you to turn leather into rope
  • Now only the players dropship will show on the minimap, rather than all prospectors’

Some of the key fixes and improvements this weekend are:

  • Rebalanced animal respawning
  • Fixed a bug where other languages would not load when the player switched to them in the settings
  • Fixed a bug where any stack that was 50%+ of the crafting requirements for a recipe was consumed and considered enough to execute the craft
  • Fixed a bug where some players couldn’t see a deployed fireplace
  • Fixed a bug where concrete buildables had a distorted visual appearance due to corrupted LODs
  • Fixed a bug where ctrl+clicking an item could lead to it being ‘lost’ rather than shifting inventories
  • Fixed a bug where the shovel wasn’t reducing in durability as it was used to collect ice
  • Fixed an issue with the polar bear and mammoth movement where they were interacting with the ground incorrectly
  • Fixed a visual issue where the snow on a roof didn’t have the effects of snow in the terrain
  • Fixed a visual issue where the fireplace didn’t have flame particles
  • Fixed a bug where the dehumidifier could only be deployed through the hotbar and not the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where there was no stamina penalty for using an axe, knife, or pickaxe as a client on someone else’s prospect
  • Fixed a visual error where some trapdoors and windows weren’t ‘flush’ with their wall/floor piece
  • Fixed an issue where certain benches weren’t breaking into the correct materials when impacted by elemental damage
  • Fixed a visual glitch where a player who respawned would be in the swimming animation in first person
  • Fixed a bug where loading in consumable wood logs caused players to be unable to load in to an existing prospect
  • Fixed a visual glitch where a players dropship would remain highlighted from a large distance
  • Fixed a bug where the steel knife would do a spooky hover when dropped by the player (Happy Halloween!)

Excited for Beta Weekend #4? Already prepping 3 days worth of food? Let us know in the comments!

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