Abandoned ICARUS Characters Revived for Christmas

RocketWerkz has just announced that all characters abandoned on a mission to Icarus have been revived. Any lost prospectors should now be visible in the character select screen, as long as you’ve updated to the latest patch. An incredible 22,000 characters and 42,000 dead characters have been safely transported via developer magic back to orbit! Given the myriad bugs and other issues that caused prospectors to be left behind, it’s the Christmas present every player who stuck with ICARUS deserves.

We speculated yesterday that the reason for adding the room to display more characters was a possibile increase to the maximum allowed characters, but it now seems clear that three will remain the limit — at least for the time being. Note that you won’t be able to create new characters until you get back under the limit.

ICARUS has had a less-than-perfect launch to be sure, and many players have felt understandably miffed by the state the game was released in. This gesture from RocketWerkz, small though it may be, is hopefully one of many steps they take to make it clear that they’re committed to the game, and to its players.

Were you surprised to find a bunch of long-lost prospectors on your character select screen? Having trouble deciding who to keep and who to delete? Let us know in the comments!

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