Hogwarts Legacy Shows Off New Cinematic and Images

During the Autodesk Vision Series event, we were given another glimpse at Hogwarts Legacy. While the presentation mostly focused on how the game is being made, we did get some new information: in particular, the names of a couple of the characters.

In a new cinematic, we get to see what appears to be the beginning of a mission where you need to help one of your companions, Natsai Onai. While helping her find evidence for something mysterious (against those who appear to be poachers), you find out that the Hippogriph Highwing, who has a connection to the main character, is being trapped there.

hogwarts legacy hippogriph

At the end of the cinematic, Natsai and the main character get separated, presumably as the mission begins in the game. This could likely be a quest that you can take to bond with Natsai and learn more about her. And, hey, we may even be able to get Highwing as a mount for completing this mission.

There were also a few new screenshots from the presentation. And, while there was nothing major revealed, we did get a new look at the character customization for the game, as well as a conformation that the name of the professor we saw during the State of Play video is Abraham Ronan. It was also confirmed that he is a Slytherin.

hogwarts legacy character customization

While there wasn’t a lot of new information, it is still cool for some fans to get a glimpse of the process behind the game’s development. With Hogwarts Legacy set to come out in December, we will hopefully get some more reveals and an exact release date soon.

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