Fantastic Beasts We Found in the Official Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

The Harry Potter universe has a lot to offer, whether you like your magic steeped in lore and history, or just think it’s hilarious that there’s jelly beans that taste like snot. One of J.K. Rowling’s greatest triumphs is the vast world she created to support the Harry Potter books, and by extension, the creatures that inhabit that world. The Fantastic Beasts movies gave us a lot more information on the fauna of the Harry Potter universe, and our adventures with Newt Scamander introduced us to a number of magical creatures, some of which make an appearance in the Hogwarts Legacy trailer that dropped Wednesday.

Considering that Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG, we can hope that the locations and magical creatures revealed in the trailer are all going to — in some way — be a part of gameplay. So, in order to help prepare you for your studies at Hogwarts, we have compiled a list of all the creatures that make an appearance in the trailer.


The first magical creatures we meet in Harry Potter (assuming you don’t count Professor McGonnagall as a cat) are the owls that bring Harry his invitation to Hogwarts. The ubiquitous mail carriers of the wizarding world (magical pigeons clearly need better advertising), it should come as no surprise to fans of the series that owls made an appearance in the reveal trailer. If Hogwarts Legacy sticks closely to its source material, students should be allowed to bring a pet to school, and it seems likely that an owl will be one of the available choices. We also spotted a cat warming itself by the fire in one of the house common rooms, which lends further credence to the idea that players will get to choose a pet.

Hogwarts Legacy Reveal Trailer Creatures Owl
Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Cat


Thestrals are considered an omen of misfortune in the wizarding world, because they are only visible to someone who has witnessed death. Although the trailer doesn’t actually reveal thestrals, it seems safe to assume that they are pulling the carriage we see landing on the Hogwarts grounds. We know that thestrals are used by Hogwarts to pull the carriages that take older students from Hogsmeade station to the gates of Hogwarts, and it therefore makes sense that they would be pulling the flying carriage in the trailer. It would make for an impressive game-mechanic if the threstrals became visible after the player had witnessed death!

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Thestrals
Consider yourself lucky if you can’t see the thestrals in this image


Dead bodies reanimated by a Dark spell, the Inferi are the wizarding world’s zombie. He-who-shall-not-be-named famously created an army of such creatures during the First Wizarding War, and the same Inferi army nearly spelled the end for Harry Potter and Dumbledore as they attempted to destroy one of Voldemort’s horcruxes. Every RPG needs a slow, easy to hit enemy for its early dungeons, and the Inferi see like the perfect candidate.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Inferi


Shy magical beasts that leave their dens only during the full moon, these preposterously cute creatures can be seen being fed by a student in the reveal trailer. They are known for their complex dance moves as well as for their dung, which if harvested before the sun rises helps magical plants grow faster and stronger than usual. We saw mooncalves in Newt Scamander’s suitcase and basement in Fantastic Beasts, and can only hope that we will get to see some of their famous dances in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Mooncalves


The soul-sucking dementors feed on happiness, filling their victims with feelings of despair. A dementor’s “kiss” can consume a person’s very soul, leaving them a hollow shell. The notoriously terrifying guards of Azkaban also feature in the trailer, which brings up an interesting question: Will the player end up traveling to the infamous prison at some point? It seems strange for a Hogwarts student to end up in Azkaban (as a prisoner or otherwise), but we already know that our protagonist is no ordinary young wizard. It seems likely that the player will end up facing dementors at some point during the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Demontors
You thought your job was soul-sucking


Half horse, half eagle, the magestic Hippogriff is extremely dangerous if not tamed, but can be powerful allies if treated with the proper respect. As Hagrid taught us, hippogriffs are proud, easily offended creatures. If you remember to let them make the first move, and treat them correctly, it appears you may end up soaring through the clouds on the back of one of these fantastic creatures.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Hippogriff


As big as an elephant, with a hide tougher than a dragon’s and a vicious temper to boot, Graphorns are known as aggressive, dangerous creatures. Their horn can be powdered and used in many potions, but it isn’t easy to collect. However, the trailer seems to suggest that in addition to fighting a Graphorn, we may be able to tame one. Perhaps our protagonist’s affinity for the “Ancient Magic” helps us in soothing this savage beast.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Graphorn
Good boy


A creature so unintelligent that they have a wizarding exam failing grade named after them, the troll makes up for its lack of smarts with incredible size and strength. Unlike the Graphorn, the trailer doesn’t seem to suggest that we can tame or make friends with trolls. With that in mind, aspiring wizards should remember that trolls are attracted to unpleasant smells, and a well-placed Dungbomb might lure one out of your path (or away from you and your friends).

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Troll

Giant Spiders

Sorry arachnaphobes, but it looks like there are spiders in Hogwarts Legacy. We know that there are bigger specimen of spiders, called Acromantulas, in the wizarding world; Rubeus Hagrid had a pet Acromantula, the monstrous talking spider Aragog. Whether the dog-sized spider we see in the trailer is a young Acromantula or not remains to be seen, but either way we won’t have Hagrid around to introduce us this time.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Giant Spider
Kill it with fire!


No western fantasy setting is complete without dragons, and the trailer ends on a fiery note. The Harry Potter universe has a wide variety of flying, fire-breathing reptiles: Harry faces a Hungarian Horntail during the Triwizard Tournament, Hagrid raises the Norwegian Ridgeback Norbert, and Viktor Kurm battles a Chinese Fireball in Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire. With any luck, we will get to encounter different species of dragons in Hogwarts Legacy; it would certainly make for some dramatic set-piece fights.

Hogwarts Legacy Official Reveal Trailer Creatures Dragon

A World to Explore

With any luck, the creatures we saw in the trailer only scratch the surface of fantastic beasts we will feed, fight, and tame in Hogwarts Legacy. The Harry Potter universe is full of wondrous beings both big and small. Let us know in the comments what magical creature you most want to see in Hogwarts Legacy!

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