Hogwarts Legacy Teases Another Character: Dinah Hecat, Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher

In a tweet on November 22nd, the Hogwarts Legacy account revealed a new character, Dinah Hecat. The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was unveiled with an animated card (in video form), showcasing her profile appearance in the first half of the video before transitioning to a short description of the character, which tells us she “rumored to be” a retired agent from the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic. Accompanying this animated card is the caption “Meet your Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. #HogwartsLegacy”

This card comes 4 days after another character, Amit Thakkar, was revealed with a similar method. Unlike Dinah, however, Thakkar’s card was not animated, and it had a line on it labelling him as “Ravenclaw” (as opposed to Dinah Hecat’s, which labels her as a “professor”). We don’t the reason (if any) behind why Amit’s card was not animated while Dinah’s was, but if it means anything, perhaps it indicates her greater importance in the story that will unfold at Hogwarts?

We do not know what roll Dinah Hecat will have in Hogwarts Legacy, but it is likely to be a large one. Not only do we already know that you will be able to attend classes at Hogwarts, presumably including Dinah’s, but her roll as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor might even elevate her above that, considering the extreme importance each of the many Defense Against the Dark Arts professors played in the original books and movies. The position, in the original story, is even thought to be cursed, due to the fact that professors of the subject universally lasted only a single year at Hogwarts before some ill befell them, forcing them to leave the post. In keeping suit, it seems possible that Hogwarts Legacy might see Professor Hecat leave at the end of the school year, for one reason or another, but that is just speculation.

Whatever the case, I’d be on the lookout for more of these character reveals in the coming days, considering we got two within a week of each other. I, for one, look forward to seeing who else will be revealed with the next character card! So long as they don’t replace Dinah — she hasn’t taught her year of Defense Against the Dark Arts yet!

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