Hogwarts Legacy Patch for PS5 and PC Resolves “Collector’s Edition” Trophy and More

If you have been enjoying putting in hours into Hogwarts Legacy, prepare to enjoy the game just a little better: another patch has just rolled out, once again aimed at performance improvements and bug fixes.

new patch for ps5 and pc february 17th announcement

Among the notable fixes for PS5 are general performance improvements, as well as fixes aimed at stability in online connectivity. On the PC side, a fix was added for rebuilding of the Save Game list, if manually deleted, and the system for collecting crashes got some attention as well to help chase more rare cases.

For both PC and PS5, the Collector’s Edition trophy should now update correctly, and will now retroactively unlock and display all earned trophies. Both platforms got a number of performance and stability improvements, as well as a lot of little bug fixes reported by the community: so, make sure to report something on the official hogwartslegacy.bugs.wbgames.com website if you encounter it!

February 17th, 2023 Patch Notes

Build Version – 1121649
Developer Note – This patch addresses overall gameplay performance and stability as well as online connection improvements primarily for PS5.

Bug Fixes:

  • PS5 Patch 01.000.004
    • Online
      • Fixed issues with achievement data being properly pushed to Wizarding World portal after linking
      • Added additional retry connections to WB Games server in the event session expired
  • Gameplay
    • Trophies
      • Fixed a trophy cap limit resolving the Collector’s Editiontrophy not updating correctly. This will retroactively unlock and display all earned trophies earned by the player. This resolves the following reported issues: HL-1191 .
    • Owl Mail
      • Fixed an issue with mail not properly triggering a sequential mission
    • World Events
      • Fixed rare crash around certain locations where in-game World Events spawn
    • NPC
      • Fixed a rare crash when respawning NPCs in the world
      • Fixed crash with some NPC schedules
    • Characters
      • Fixed issues with flickering occurring with a transparent head while hair is still present
    • UI
      • Updated localization text for additional content items
      • Added Build version to first time EULA
      • Fixed rare occurrence of mission descriptions not being displayed correctly
    • Cinematics
      • Corrected VFX presentation of robe transformation
      • Fixed a stability issue when skipping cutscenes
      • Fixed a crash when playing cutscenes and cinematics
    • Save Game
    • Performance and Stability
      • Improved performance on Fidelity mode
      • Fixed rare crash around hovering over the map
      • Fixed issue with wind causing distortion and stretching of world assets
      • Fixed a rare occurrence with material swapping
      • Fixed a rare crash with map assets state
      • Fixed Rare crash occurring with in-game world events
      • Fixed a memory leak with global lighting system HL-313
      • Fixed a crash when trying to solve a Flying Cabinet
  • PC Steam/PC Epic Games
    • Save Game
      • Fixed rebuilding of Save Game list if manually deleted
    • Performance and Stability
      • Improved crash collection to help chase rare crashes
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