The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection {Product Review And Giveaway}

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The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection by Insight Editions is a perfect book for ESO fans and collectors. Read our review to learn more and enter our giveaway.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a representative from Insight Editions, a book publisher well known among collectors for creating illustrated books on photography, music, and pop culture. I was asked if I’d review a copy of their latest work, The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection. Being the rabid Elder Scrolls fan and collector that I am, I jumped at the chance.


I received a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection for my review. In addition, the good folks at Insight Editions provided a few extra copies to giveaway to our members (more on this at the end of the post). The Skyrim Fansite maintains a strict policy in regards to product reviews. Under no circumstances will we ever accept money or goods for articles to be published or for testimonials. In addition we’ll never post spam articles designed for marketing, lead generation or advertising revenue. If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time you know our reputation. Insight Editions asked for my honest opinion on their book, and the thoughts here are mine alone.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection

When my review copy arrived by Fed-Ex, I was immediately surprised at the size of the book. For whatever reason I assumed that the book would be smaller. The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection measures a full 16 inches X 12 inches and weighs slightly over 2 pounds.  The large size was a pleasant surprise, allowing for the ESO artwork to be showcased to its fullest advantage. It’s a big, heavy book that would look great on any coffee table.

There’s nothing cheaply made about this book, and Insight Editions did justice to my favorite MMORPG. The front and rear covers have slightly embossed lettering, and all the images are printed on heavy-weight, glossy paper. I’m not certain of the exact weight, but the paper is thicker and much more sturdy than the 110 pound card stock I have in the office. The posters can be left in the book, or removed for display. The size and thick paper make the posters suitable for framing (something I intend to do with a few of my favorite images).

The Posters

In total, The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection contains 40 full color posters, sure to please any ESO fan. All the iconic images are here (the Nord Dragonknight, the Breton Nightblade, and the High Elf Sorceress), as well as in-game concept art and emblems. I was pleased to see that all three factions were well represented, and I was surprised to come across some images that I wasn’t familiar with (I thought I’d seen all the concept art before).

The posters are printed on each side of the paper (something to keep in mind if you plan on framing a picture), and the images are printed in full color from edge to edge. Being a stickler for detail, I found the images to be clearly printed with excellent color reproduction and balance. The images were bright without being overexposed (like some cheaply printed calendars I’ve seen). I’ve attached a few photos that I took with my camera to give you some idea of the book’s construction and content, but the pictures do a poor job representing the detail and colors you can expect to see in person.


The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection is reasonably priced at $24.99 USD + shipping. When you consider the quality of the book and the total number of posters included, this really is a tremendous value. For comparison, a single Elder Scrolls Online print for sale at The Bethesda Store will set you back $40 USD + shipping. Yes, the Bethesda lithographs are limited edition pieces, but for almost half the cost you can get an entire book of posters that can be displayed on your walls.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection can be ordered directly from the Insight Editions’ website here.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this is what I liked about The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection:

  1. The large 16 inch x 12 inch size,
  2. The book’s high quality look and feel,
  3. The posters’ heavy-weight, glossy paper,
  4. The number and scope of the full color images,
  5. The posters’ amazing detail and accurate color representation.
  6. The book’s reasonable price.

As an Elder Scrolls collector, I like to have pieces that I can display in my office (see my earlier articles about the Skyrim helmet I purchased and the Imperial Edition Molag Bal statue). The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection is perfect in this regard. I can either display the book whole and intact, or remove the posters to hang on the wall.


As mentioned earlier, Insight Editions was kind enough to send along a few copies of The Elder Scrolls Online: The Poster Collection to giveaway to our members. We’ll be giving away two copies of the book now and some later on.

To enter our giveaway, all you have to do is participate in the Skyrim Fansite forums. Simply get involved and  post! Everyone who achieves a Steel rank (10 posts) or higher by June 21, 2014 will be automatically entered into a drawing (please make certain your posts adhere to our forum rules). Two winners will be randomly selected via, and we’ll contact you for your mailing address through the email you used when becoming a member (please make certain your email is current).

  • To become a member of the Skyrim Fansite please click here.
  • To view the different forum ranks and badges available click here.
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Good luck! The book really is a tremendous collector piece and two Skyrim Fansite members are going to be very happy 🙂 Until next time fellow travelers!

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