The Chapel of Light: Proof Positive That ESO Is A Gorgeous Looking Game

But above all others they did venerate the Lady of Light, building for Merid-Nunda a chapel of colored rays and beams, which was for glory like a piece of Aetherius brought down to the mortal world. – The Chapel of Light as described in The Whithering of Delodiil

One of the things that’s always impressed me about The Elder Scrolls Online is the amount of detail and beauty found throughout the game. From the swamps of Shadowfen to the cold forests of Eastmarch, the game designers did a fantastic job creating an amazing world full of light and color.

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The Chapel of Light

For me, the one building that stands as the crowning achievement of the game’s beauty is the Chapel of Light found in Cold Harbour’s Hollow City. The Chapel of Light is impressive during the day, with its towering height and Gothic architecture. In the evening though, the building transforms into something truly special with its gigantic stained glass windows, lit up in an array of dazzling color for all of Nirn to see. Take a look at the following screen shots and see if you don’t agree.

Simply. Beautiful.

ESO Chapel of Light 1

ESO Chapel of Light 2

ESO Chapel of Light 3

ESO Chapel of Light 4

ESO Chapel of Light 5

ESO Chapel of Light 6

ESO Chapel of Light 7

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