Summary: New Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Info.

Elder Scrolls Online Preview

Today, released their Elder Scrolls Online Hands-On Preview releasing exciting news on ESO features and overall gameplay. Most notedly ZAM has confirmed First-Person view in ESO that creates a feeling very close to that of Skyrim. They’ve also confirmed a few new features that we’ve listed below:

  1. Strategic Attacks – Players will have the option to dodge, interrupt, block and go for the kill by pressing certain buttons and are awarded by a finesse system if performed correctly. The finesse system rewards players with a certain percentage XP bonus.
  2. Ultimate Abilities – These are abilities unlocked as you level you character and are based on finesse instead of magic and endurance.
  3. Stealth – Stealth has already been confirmed but players wearing heavy clunky armor will have a hard time sneaking up on characters due to the noises the armor makes.
  4. 6 Slot hotbar – Players will have a limited hotbar (6 slots) that are filled with abilities based on the current weapon being wielded. The more you use a particular weapon the more advanced these skills will become.
  5. Morphs – Morphs are specialized tress you can unlock after leveling a weapon skill to a certain point. You can pick 1 of the 2 available Morph Trees.
  6. Players will have access to everything in terms of weapons and armor. Classes will not be restricted to Heavy, Medium and Light armor types.
  7. Bleakrock in Skyrim is a confirmed starting zone.
  8. The NPC Characters are fully voiced and interact with each other through-out town.
  9. Quest Givers are fully voiced and has extra dialogue options to allow the player to learn more about each character’s backstory – similar to all previous Elder Scrolls titles.
  10. Quests give you alternative options – players can choose to have a town flee or stay and fight in some cases.
  11. You can steal from NPCs homes.


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