Pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online Now!

pre-order the elder scrolls online

Two hours ago, Bethesda announced that players can pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online. As you may know, the game is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac. Bethesda also revealed that ESO is being made available in a Standard Edition as well as an exclusive Imperial Edition.

Pre-Order The Elder Scrolls Online

Each edition includes special pre-order bonuses. Please refer to the table below for a quick synopsis:

[table caption=”The Elder Scrolls Online Versions width=”500″ colwidth=”20|20|20″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]

Platform,Edition,Pre-Order Bonuses

Digital PC/Mac, Standard Edition, 5 days early access | *Explorer’s Pack

Digital PC/Mac, Imperial Edition,5 days early access | Explorer’s Pack | **Exclusive content

Retail PC/Mac, Standard Edition,3 days early access | Explorer’s Pack

Retail PC/Mac, Imperial Edition,5 days early access | Explorer’s Pack | Exclusive content

PlayStation 4, Standard Edition, Explorer’s Pack

PlayStation 4, Imperial Edition, Explorer’s Pack | Exclusive content

Xbox One, Standard Edition, Explorer’s Pack

Xbox One,Imperial Edition, Explorer’s Pack | Exclusive content


* The Explorer’s Pack includes the ability to play any race in any alliance, a Scuttler vanity pet, and bonus treasure maps. The Explorer’s Pack is included with all Elder Scrolls Online pre-orders.

Elder Scrolls Online Explorers Pack

** Exclusive content allows gamers to play as an Imperial in any Alliance with unique bonuses, crafting styles, and gear. In addition, players receive an Imperial white horse, a Mudcrab vanity pet, and Rings of Mara which allow two friends to receive an experience bonus when ESO is played together. The exclusive content is only available for the Imperial Edition.

pre-order the elder scrolls online imperial

In addition to the exclusive content, gamers who purchase the retail Imperial Edition receive a 12″ Molag Bal statue, a printed map of Tamriel, and the Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel, a 224 page illustrated book.

elder scrolls online imperial edition

Pre-Order Cost

[table caption=”The Elder Scrolls Online Cost width=”500″ colwidth=”20|20|20″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]


Digital PC/Mac, Standard Edition, $59.99

Digital PC/Mac, Imperial Edition,$79.99

Retail PC/Mac, Standard Edition, $59.99

Retail PC/Mac, Imperial Edition,$99.99

PlayStation 4, Standard Edition, $59.99

PlayStation 4, Imperial Edition, $99.99

Xbox One, Standard Edition, $59.99

Xbox One,Imperial Edition, $99.99


All purchases include 30 days of game time. A subscription fee of $14.99 per month is required thereafter. If you’d like to pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online or learn more about the different editions, please visit the official ESO website here.

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