One Fan’s Brilliant Idea For ESO Weapon Special Effects

Screenshots depicting ESO weapon special effects.

Last week, an ESO fan with the handle Blade_07 posted screenshots on The Elder Scrolls Online forums showing his idea for weapon special effects. In the pics, Blade_07 takes the game’s ordinary magic staves and makes them even more… magical.

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ESO Weapon Special Effects

For the most part, Blade_07’s ideas resonated well with fellow players. A few posters were concerned with special effects contributing to an “overblown style,” not in keeping with the atmosphere of previous Elder Scrolls games. However, others were supportive, with players suggesting that special effects could be earned in game or purchased in the Crown Store.

A poster named Avonna wrote:

i mentioned this along the lines , like working as a dye station. but instead of the dyes, you can choose different effects for armors or weapons.

i like the idea myself, and a toggle to help performance would be a nice addition.

imagine a nightblade coming towards you and all you see is a smoke cloud behind him…..dangerous.

or a dragonknight that has small fires where he steps.

sorc could have a small electrical storm around them

templars could have a soft glow follow them.

oh and let us dye or armor and weapons while your at it..

Athas24 added:

Personally I think this is a Bada$$ idea OP! I LOVE IT! :) I love the designs you posted too. I’d buy those with crowns or whatever too. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I think it’s a little more to the extension of fantasy in a make believe world where magic already exists so why not. yay! :) I hope ZoS looks at this and implements the idea at some point!

Blade_07 further suggested that special effects on staves, swords, etc. would need to be turned off in Cyrodiil to prevent PvP lag (just like the Zone’s current deactivation of vanity pets).

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Here are the ESO weapon special effect screenshots posted by Blade_07…

Which one is your favorite, and do you support such functionality in The Elder Scrolls Online? Share your thoughts and opinions in the Comments section below.

Eso lightning staff
ESO Lightning Staff
Eso restoration staff
ESO Restoration Staff
Eso fire staff
ESO Fire Staff
Eso ice staff
ESO Ice Staff


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