New ESO Crown Store Food And Drink

Food and drink buffs are now available for sale in the ESO Crown Store.

Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) released six new items in the cash shop. Under the “Consumables” tab, players now have the ability to purchase new ESO Crown Store food and drink items. These buffs will either boost Health, Stamina, and Magicka or increase recovery times.

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ESO Crown Store Food And Drink

The new ESO Crown Store food and drink buffs are available in a 10-pack for 400 Crowns (roughly $4.00 USD). The effect of each buff is scaled based on a player’s level, up to Veteran Rank 10 with a 5 second cooldown.

Crown Hearty Health Hash

Increase maximum Health by 3,929 for 2 hours.

crown hearty health hash

Crown Mystical Mince Pie

Increase maximum Magicka by 3,575 for 2 hours.

crown mystical mince pie

Crown Staunchness Stew

Increase maximum Stamina by 3,575 for 2 hours.

crown staunchness stew

Crown Healthy Vigor Liquor

Increase Health recovery by 392 for 2 hours.

crown healthy vigor liquor

 Crown Star-Magic Tea

Increase Magicka recovery by 357 for 2 hours.

crown star magic tea

Crown Endurance Tonic

Increase Stamina recovery by 357 for 2 hours.

crown endurance tonic

Customization and Convenience Items

The new ESO Crown Store food and drink items are part of ZOS’s plan to sell customization and convenience items to players. Cash shop items are typically better than in-game items purchased from vendors, but not as powerful as crafted items. Gina Bruno, Elder Scrolls Online forums administrator, announced the addition of food and drink in this post.

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