New Elder Scrolls Online Lithograph May Be The Best Yet

The Bethesda Store is taking pre-orders for “Warriors,” a brand new Elder Scrolls Online lithograph.

Yesterday, the Bethesda Store began taking pre-orders for a new Elder Scrolls Online lithograph titled “Warriors.” This high end art print is limited to a production run of only 300.

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Elder Scrolls Online Lithograph

“Warriors” features all the iconic characters from The Elder Scrolls Online, including:

  • The High Elf
  • The Breton
  • The Nord
  • Mannimarco
  • Molag Bal

The composition is extremely well balanced in gorgeous, cinematic tones that gives the lithograph a distinctive, movie poster feel. This is no coincidence, considering the artwork is based on the amazing Elder Scrolls Online movie, Three Fates.

Like previous Elder Scrolls Online lithographs, “Warriors” measures 18 inches X 24 inches and is printed on 100 lb. paper. The print run is limited to 300, and each lithograph is individually numbered.

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Ordering Information

The Elder Scrolls Online lithograph can be pre-ordered from the Bethesda Store here. “Warriors” is priced at $40.00 USD + shipping (the same as previous ESO lithographs).

The estimated ship date is July 5, 2015.

The Bethesda Store notes that the ship date is subject to change without notice.

Final Thoughts

Based on prior sales of Elder Scrolls Online lithographs, it’s a safe bet that “Warriors” will sell out quickly — especially considering how brilliant this particular art print looks. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should note that I pre-ordered a copy for myself, and plan to display the lithograph in my office next to two others I own (one from Skyrim and the other from ESO).

So what do you think about this new Elder Scrolls Online lithograph? Is “Warriors” the best ESO art print ever sold by the Bethesda Store? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below.



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