ESO Riding Lessons Come To The Crown Store

Players can now purchase ESO riding lessons in the Crown Store.

Staying true to the Crown Store’s charter, The Elder Scrolls Online now offers riding lessons as a convenience item for ESO players. Riding lessons will increase a player’s riding skill, thereby improving a mount’s Stamina, Speed, or Carry Capacity.

In The Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Stamina helps prevent a rider from being dismounted and allows a mount to sprint longer.
  • Speed allows a rider to move faster when mounted.
  • Carry Capacity allows a rider to carry more items.

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ESO Riding Lessons

Ever since the release of Update 1.6, players can purchase riding lessons at any Stable for 250 gold (prior to the update, players had to feed their individual mounts to increase Stamina, Speed, or Carry — see our now outdated Horse Guide for more details).

In-game lessons aren’t going away, and players can still use this method to spec-out their riding skills. A lesson can be purchased at a Stable once every 20 hours. To reach the maximum of 60 for each skill, it takes 3,600 hours of real time training and costs 45,000 gold.

With the opportunity to purchase ESO riding lessons in the cash shop, players now have the ability to increase their riding skills in no time at all, and without having to spend in-game gold. Crown Store riding lessons should appeal to new ESO players, players who don’t login every day, and to gamers looking to increase the riding skills of their alternate characters.


Real Money Cost

ESO riding lessons are purchased in blocks of 10 in the cash shop for 1,000 Crowns (approximately $10.00 USD, or a buck per lesson). Note: Crowns can be purchased for roughly 73 cents each if purchased in bulk in the Crown Store, dropping the price for 10 lessons to $7.30 USD.

Crown lessons can only be used if a player has a mount, and each lesson will either increase mounted Stamina by 1, increase mounted Speed by 1, or expand inventory space by 1.

To fully spec-out all three riding skills from scratch, it’ll cost between $131 USD and $180 USD (depending on whether Crowns are purchased in bulk). ESO Plus members can save real money by using their free allotment of crowns to purchase riding lessons.

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Players can now train their mounts via the ESO Crown Store.
Players can now bypass the Stable and train their mounts via the Crown Store.


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