ESO Rewards 6-Month Subscribers With Dwemer Sphere

eso rewards dwemer sphere

The second ESO subscriber loyalty program award has been released.

Today, The Elder Scrolls Online development team released its second subscriber loyalty program award: a Dwemer Sphere vanity pet. This special reward was issued  to all active 6-month subscribers, and players were notified this afternoon by email:


We’re back again to express our thanks for your continued subscription to The Elder Scrolls Online with a new reward! Now that you’ve been subscribed for six months, your Dwemer Sphere vanity pet is on its way. This rare and mysterious pet will raise plenty of eyebrows in the tavern. We’re going to start sending the pets out via in-game mail today, but it may take a few days for yours to arrive.

If you don’t receive your pet within the next several days, we’ll be happy to help find it. Just contact support at:

As this program expands, you’ll receive even more special gifts for your continued ESO subscription. Thank you for choosing to spend your time in Tamriel!

– The Elder Scrolls Online Team

ESO Rewards

The first reward, issued back on September 30, was another vanity pet — the High Hrothgar Wraith (please read the article ESO Subscriber Loyalty Program Begins Today for more information).

Some gamers have expressed concern that gifted vanity pets take up valuable inventory space, and that there should be other ESO rewards besides pets. According to an official Elder Scrolls Online forum thread that started last week, one of the moderators confirmed that players’ concerns are being addressed by the devs.

eso rewards

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To Become A Loyalty Program Member

To become a member of the subscriber loyalty program and receive ESO rewards, players must:

  1. Have an active ESO subscription,
  2. Have been subscribed for at least three months (excluding game time included with the initial purchase of The Elder Scrolls Online and any additional complimentary game time).


dwemer sphere pet
The Dwemer Sphere is the second ESO reward for subscribers.
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