One ESO Guild Is Giving Away 1 Million Gold

1 million gold eso raffle

WARmart Blade ‘n’ Trade is running a 1 million gold raffle this week in ESO.

A few guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online run raffles from time to time, but nothing as epic as what WARmart Blade ‘n’ Trade is doing. Not satisfied with giving away prizes in the mere thousands, this intrepid guild is pushing the envelope by having a special drawing for 1 million gold. Yes that’s right — 1 million. As any long time player of The Elder Scrolls Online can tell you, that’s an outrageous amount of in-game money that will change the life of one very fortunate player.

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WARmart Blade ‘n’ Trade

WARmart Blade ‘n’ Trade is a sister guild of Inquistio — a PvP/PvE guild that has been involved in the gaming scene for over seven years now. Like Inquistio, WARmart is a guild that believes in establishing a strong sense of family and community. WARmart is one of the premiere guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online, and has maintained the same vendor in Riften for a record 17 straight weeks. They also run a live Auctioneer event, and a weekly raffle — but nothing on the scale of this week’s drawing.

Warmart ESO Guild
WARmart has had the cage vendor in Riften for a record 17 straight weeks.

1 Million Gold? How Is This Possible?

1 million gold is an awful lot of money, so how is it possible that an ESO guild can afford to give away so much gold in a single raffle? Fortunately, WARmart is favored with a very special member by the name of Gutschopchop — a self-made, multi-millionaire in ESO who hosts the guild’s raffles. When asked about the prizes and his involvement, Gutschopchop told me:

All my gold is for the raffle and guild. My main purpose of having such a great income is to supply the guild with sweet prizes and events. For example, the million dollar raffle and such.

The raffles are a great way to have a lot of fun in the guild, and to make money not only for the bank –that can go towards our vendor — but to also make a little change in the member’s pockets as well.

The 1 Million Gold Raffle… And More

The WARmart 1 million gold raffle is taking place this Sunday, January 18 at 8PM EST. The drawing will be held live through and possibly Twitch. Guild members can purchase raffle tickets for 1,000 gold each by sending the funds to @Gutschopchop.

The guild is also holding its normal raffle the same day with 7 amazing prizes:

  1. Imperial motif
  2. Barbaric or Primal motif
  3. Full Purple set gear
  4. 50X Purple mats
  5. 100X Raw and 5 Gold mats
  6. Full Blue set gear
  7. 100X Blue mats (choice)

Normal raffle tickets cost 497 gold each, with a free ticket given for every 5 purchased.

Trivia questions and spot prizes will be given away following the raffle. All proceeds go towards the guild’s Riften vendor.

Final Thoughts

So what do you think about WARmart’s big raffle, and what would you do with 1 million gold in The Elder Scrolls Online? Share your thoughts and opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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