ESO Fishing Changes In Update 1.6


Long awaited ESO fishing changes may become a reality in Update 1.6

Let me say right away that nothing has been 100% confirmed by ZOS, but changes to fishing are supposed to be coming in The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.6. The pastime is being revamped, and the changes should make an otherwise “meh” activity into one that is more engaging and profitable.

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ESO Fishing Changes

In short, fishing may be integrated into Provisioning by making different fish into ingredients. Fishing then becomes a much more important activity in the game, and is no longer something to do simply to kill the time or to score achievements. ZOS may go one step further by making fishing its own Skill line with Perks, craftable fishing rods, special bait, etc.

Why Make Changes?

Understandably, some players may be happy with ESO fishing the way it is now, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Over on the ESO forums, the community has been asking ZOS to make fishing more worthwhile, as seen on the thread “Gone Fishing? What’s The Point?

The fact that ZOS is willing to listen to the game community and implement changes is one of the things that makes The Elder Scrolls Online so vibrant. Revamped fishing is speculated to be just one change among many in Update 1.6. By giving fishing a higher purpose, ESO becomes an even better game.

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