Epic Crown Store Items Coming To ESO This September

A host of epic items are coming to the ESO Crown Store this September.

All right, ESO fans. This is the Crown Store launch we’ve all been waiting for. Kicking off the newest cash-shop release this September is Imperial City, two unique costume packs, a creepy mount and pet, and storage space upgrades.

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Epic Crown Store Items

Imperial City DLC

It’s been a long time coming, but the Imperial City expansion is finally launching this September. Imperial City has been in the works for over a year, but the devs needed to ensure a smooth console release before the game expansion could be made available.

This new Elder Scrolls Online zone packs a wallop, offering great PvP and PvE opportunities for gamers. Imperial City also expands the current Veteran Ranks from 14 to 16, and brings about the new Tel Var Stones in-game currency (click here to learn more).

Note: Imperial City will be available for sale in the Crown Store on August 31 (PC/Mac), September 15 (Xbox One), and September 16 (PlayStation 4). The DLC expansion will cost 2,500 Crowns.

Imperial city eso
I am so ready to get beat up and have all my Tel Var Stones stolen in Imperial City!

ESO Costume Packs

In September, the ESO Crown Store is releasing not one, but two special costume packs:

  • The Mages Guild Pack includes some of the most readily known uniforms in the prestigious Mages Guild.
  • The Soul-Shriven Pack includes the rag-tag clothing of Coldharbour’s Soul-Shriven.

Note: The Mages Guild Pack will be available in late September. The Soul-Shriven Pack will be available with the release of Imperial City per platform.

Mages guild costume pack
Dressing it up Mages style.
Soul shriven costume pack
Nice to see that torn jeans are still in style.

Mind-Shriven Horse

The Mind-Shriven Horse joins the ranks of the other specialty horses in The Elder Scrolls Online (Nightmare Courser and Frostmare). This creepy looking mount has been twisted by Daedric magic, and will definitely appeal to characters not afraid of the dark side.

Note: The Mind-Shriven Horse will be available with the launch of the Imperial City per platform.

Mind shriven horse eso
I wouldn’t want to meet guy who put the saddle on THAT horse.


If the Mind-Shriven Horse wasn’t creepy enough, the Crown Store will also be offering the Daedrat pet for critter-loving ESO players. This Daedric rodent will make for one very interesting Tamriel pet.

Note: The Daedrat will be available with the launch of the Imperial City per platform.

Daedrat pet
I wonder if it likes cheese?

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For the very first time, The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store will be offering both Bag and Bank Upgrades for sale. These upgrades are definite convenience items, and will help players manage their characters’ inventory space.

Each consumable upgrade will increase inventory or bank capacity by 10 slots (though it can’t exceed the maximum size available by in-game Bag Merchants or Bankers).

Note: Bag and Bank upgrades will be available in early September (PC/Mac) and mid-September (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

Eso bag space
No need to clean out the garage. More space for all your stuff.
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