Elder Scrolls Online Video Showcases New Features Coming This August

Elder Scrolls Online video

New Elder Scrolls Online features coming next month.

Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online devs released a new video showcasing the game’s new features coming in early August. The features will be introduced as part of the Update 3 patch and include:

  • Armor dyes
  • Guild tabards
  • Public guild store locations
  • New difficulty mode for Trials
  • Larger Coldharbour delves
  • New Craglorn Armor
  • New campaign types
  • Improved guild bank management

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The devs promise that the improvements will allow players to personalize their characters in new ways, and will allow guilds to form unique identities. Watch for the Update 3 release early next month. More information can be found on the official Elder Scrolls Online website here.

Elder Scrolls Online Video

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-H6ljISiIw”]

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