Elder Scrolls Online Character Development

From what we know about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, there are many similarities between it and the Skyrim video game in regards to character creation and development. This is great news for Skyrim fans interested in playing ESO — Skyrim is after all an amazing roleplaying game with an immersive, open ended progression system, and Elder Scrolls Online character development should be very familiar to players.

With that said, there will be differences between the two games. Earlier this week, the official Elder Scrolls Online website released a video regarding character progression in the game. The video is hosted by Nick Konkle, the Lead Gameplay Designer for ESO. For a short video (less than five minutes long), it’s jam packed with a exciting information.

Gaining Experience

elder scrolls online character development sky shards
Find Sky Shards and gain skill points.

As can be expected, players will gain experience in the Elder Scrolls Online through killing monsters, completing quests, and exploring the open world of Tamriel. Just like in Skyrim and most other RPGs, this gained experience will allow players to level up their characters.

When a character levels up in ESO however, players will be given a point to spend on an Attribute and a point to spend on a Skill. As Konkle explains in the video, leveling up isn’t the only way to gain points. Players can also achieve skill points by finding Sky Shards (special shards located throughout the world of ESO) or by completing special storyline quests.

Elder Scrolls Online character development  rests in a large part on how points are spent. For instance, Attributes define a character in broad terms, while Skills define a character in a specific way. Points spent on an Attribute will increase either Health, Magicka, or Stamina, while points spent on a Skill will allow characters to learn an ability or a spell.

Elder Scrolls Online Character Development

Elder Scrolls Online Character Development Ultimate Abilities
Turn it up a notch with Ultimate Abilities.

Skills (abilities and spells) belong to special Skill Lines. The concept of Skill Lines has some similarity to Skill Constellations found in Skyrim (The Path of Sorcery, The Path of Might, The Path of Shadow), but there are some exciting differences:

  1. Morphing allows players to customize their character’s abilities. In the video, Konkle gives the example of the Templar ability Rushed Ceremony. With the Rushed Ceremony skill, a character can heal a single ally. Once a character gains enough experience, the skill can be morphed. Instead of healing one ally, a morphed version of Rushed Ceremony will now heal three allies, or will restore Magicka once cast.
  2. Ultimate Abilities can be acquired once a character advances far in a Skill Line. As Konkle notes, Ultimate Abilities are some of the most powerful in ESO. Unlike other abilities, Ultimates don’t use up Magicka or Stamina — rather, players have to build them up in order to unleash them during the game.

Final Thoughts

Awesome character leveling and development is one of the strengths of Skyrim. From the look of things, Elder Scrolls Online character development will be a strength as well. Players will be given an amazing number of choices to customize their character’s progression, and this will help to create an immersive, RPG experience.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Elder Scrolls Online character development? What are your thoughts about morphing and Ultimate Abilities? Please share your opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below.


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