Bull Netch Plush Is Latest Toy In Elder Scrolls Online Collection

The Bethesda Store expands its toy collection with the Bull Netch plush.

Earlier this week, the Bethesda Store announced the addition of the Bull Netch plush to their Elder Scrolls Online toy collection. The Bull Netch plush is the third toy released for Elder Scrolls fans — the first being the Pony Guar, and the second being the Mudcrab.

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Bull Netch Plush

Like previous toy releases, the Bull Netch plush costs $20.00 USD + shipping. Unlike previous releases however, the toy doesn’t come with an online activation code for an Elder Scrolls Online in-game pet. There’s no information from Bethesda regarding this marketing decision, but I’d assume it has something to do with the new Elder Scrolls Online cash shop where players can now purchase pets directly in the Crown Store.

The Bull Netch plush measures approximately 7 inches wide x 12 inches tall x 8 inches in length. From the screenshots, the toy looks to well-made from the same high quality materials as the other plushes.

Ordering Information

The Bull Netch plush can be ordered directly from the Bethesda Store here. The toy is a pre-sale item, and isn’t expected to be shipped until March 31, 2015.

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bull netch toy

bull netch toy 2

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