Beta Test ESO and Get a Free Monkey!

free Elder Scrolls Monkey

Moments ago, ZeniMax Online Studios announced the latest Elder Scrolls Online beta test scheduled to take place this weekend. The beta test runs from Friday, February 28 at 12PM EDT to Sunday, March 2nd, at 11:59PM EDT.

Free Elder Scrolls Monkey!

This beta test is different from the ones conducted in the past in four important ways:

  1. Not only is the nondisclosure agreement lifted, but the game’s publisher encourages players to post the best videos and screen shots and share their adventure with the world.
  2. You can bring a friend along with you on your adventure. You can forward your beta test invite to one friend and they can set up an ESO account with an additional key provided in the invitation.
  3. Once you create your unique account with your beta key, you’re guaranteed access to a future beta event.
  4. When you participate in this week’s beta, you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive monkey vanity pet at launch.

Final Thoughts

I can honestly say that I’ve never had the opportunity to score a free monkey before. I was planning on playing in the beta anyway, but a free monkey is just icing on the cake. I think I’ll name him Chimples or Fuzzy… I just hope he can make himself useful and lug around some of the loot I find dungeon diving in Tamriel, and doesn’t eat too many bananas.

Seriously though, check your email for the latest ESO invite. As we get closer to the game’s official launch, things are starting to get exciting for gamers and fans of The Elder Scrolls. This week it’s free ESO monkeys. Next week, who knows? Maybe monkey themed armor or a magic monkey sword. Hey — you never know 🙂

Free Monkey Update

Apparently this isn’t the first time ZeniMax Online Studios has given away a free monkey. I’ve been informed that free monkeys were handed out in September during a beta stress test. I truly wasn’t aware of this. Be that as it may, never look a gift horse in the mouth… or a free monkey for that matter.

free Elder Scrolls Monkey

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