Another ESO Beta Invite — Check Your Email

eso beta invite posterAnother Elder Scrolls Online beta invite was emailed to hopeful participants yesterday. This latest beta event is scheduled to take place this Friday, February 7th. The game kicks off at 12:00 PM EST, and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 10.

In the email, the ESO Team encourages players to help break a record. They want to see more players online at the same time than ever before. To help set this milestone, additional beta keys are being made available at To claim a Beta Key however, you have to be a Curse Premium member which costs money ($4.95 a month or $29.40 for the year).

ESO Beta Invite

In this latest ESO beta invite, we’re told that gamers can continue playing with the same characters from the last event (assuming they participated last time). There is no need to re-install the game client, but players will need to patch their existing game before playing.

Learn More About ESO Beta Tests

The Skyrim Fansite has published a number of articles regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Beta tests. Please refer to the following posts to learn more about the beta tests and a player’s privileges and responsibilities, including acceptance of the nondisclosure agreement:

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Elder Scrolls Online Nondisclosure Agreement





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