Elden Ring PC Global Pre-Load and Release Timings Announced

Friday fast approaches, and timing matters — especially for Tarnished with slow internet or minimal free time. Today’s announcement revealing the global release timings for PC should help anyone who needs to min-max their schedule. Excitingly, it looks like the release date is actually February 24th for everyone west of central Europe, so good luck to all the denizens of the Americas with restraining yourself from running home early on Thursday!

You can check out the official image below, but we’ve also created an easy-to-parse list to help you find your time zone’s release timing (and we’ve included cities, just in case you still don’t know the acronym for your time zone).

Pre-load available 48H prior to these times on Steam.

  • PT (San Fransisco) – 3PM, Feb 24
  • CT (Denver) – 5PM, Feb 24
  • ET (New York) – 6PM, Feb 24
  • COT (Bogota) – 6PM, Feb 24
  • BRT (Brasilia) – 8PM, Feb 24
  • GMT (London) – 11PM, Feb 24
  • CET (Prague) – 12AM, Feb 25
  • SAST (Capetown) – 1AM, Feb 25
  • EET (Athens) – 1AM, Feb 25
  • MSK (Moscow) – 2AM, Feb 25
  • AST (Baghdad) – 2AM, Feb 25
  • GST (Abu Dhabi) – 3AM, Feb 25
  • UTC +7 – 6AM, Feb 25
  • UTC +8 – 7AM, Feb 25
  • JST (Tokyo) – 8AM, Feb 25
  • KST (Seoul) – 8AM, Feb 25
  • AEDT (Sydney) – 10AM, Feb 25
  • NZDT (Wellington) – 12PM, Feb 25
global release timings elden ring
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Did you already request Friday off of work? Planning on sneaking out early on Thursday? Let us know in the comments — we promise we won’t tell your boss.

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