Elden Ring Patch v1.07 Now Live

A new update for Elden Ring is here. Apart from a heap of balance adjustments and miscellaneous fixes, it introduces a new feature that decouples the game’s PvP damage scaling from its PvE counterpart. While fairly minor on its own, this should make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved moving forward.

Here’s an excerpt from the rather extensive patch notes:

Additional features

  • Added separate damage scaling for PvP.

This feature allows separate damage scaling for Weapons, Skills, Spells, and Incantations when playing against other players.

In the future, this feature may be used to balance weapons, Art, Spell, and Incantation in invading/PvP mode.

Balance adjustments made within this feature will not impact single-player and cooperative play.

PvP Exclusive balance adjustments

The adjustments in this section do not affect single-player or cooperative play.

  • Increased stamina attack power in PvP for all attacks against guarded foes, except for long-ranged weapons.
  • Improved poise damage in PvP for every weapon’s normal attack, except for Skills and long-ranged weapons.
  • With a few exceptions, the power of Ashes of War in PvP has been lowered across the board.
  • The power of the following incantations in PvP has been decreased:
    • Dragonfire / Agheel’s Flame / Glintstone Breath / Smarag’s Glintstone Breath / Rotten Breath / Ekzykes’s Decay / Dragonice / Borealis’s Mist / Unendurable Frenzy

General balance adjustments

The adjustments in this section affect both PvE and PvP aspects of the game.

  • Increased poise damage when using two-handed normal attacks.
  • Increased the speed of some Colossal Sword attacks.
  • The speed and hit detection of Colossal Sword crouching and rolling attacks have been decreased.
  • Increased the speed of some Colossal Weapon attacks.
  • Decreased recovery time for Colossal Swords and Colossal Weapons, except for jump attacks, dual wielded attacks, and attacks while riding.
  • Increased poise damage of Hammers, Great Hammers and some Colossal Weapons.
  • Increased guard penetration for the following weapons:
    • Celebrant’s Sickle / Nox Flowing Sword / Shotel / Eclipse Shotel / Vulgar Militia Shotel / Scythe / Grave Scythe / Halo Scythe / Winged Scythe
  • The poise rating of some attacks has been increased for the following weapons:
    • Greatswords / Colossal Swords / Curved Greatswords / Greataxes / Great Hammers / Great Spears / Halberds
  • With some exceptions, poise of all armor has been increased.
  • The effects of the Greatshield Talisman and Hammer Talisman have been increased.
  • Some effects of the spell Scholar’s Shield, the Barricade Shield skill and the Shield Grease item have been adjusted as follows.
    • The effects on shields with low guard boost have been adjusted upward.
    • The effects on shields with high guard boost have been adjusted downward.
  • The guard strength of the Fingerprint Stone Shield has been decreased.
  • Decreased the status buildup done by dual wielded weapons.
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