Best Elden Ring Mods (Patch 1.05 Compatible)

There’s always been a dedicated modding community for the Soulsborne games, and with Elden Ring’s massive success comes even more people willing to go digging into the game’s files. There are tons of mods to choose from, so we’ve picked some of our faves for the list below!

Don’t get banned! You can and will be soft-banned if you go online with any of these mods. Make sure that you set the game to launch in Offline mode before turning on any of these mods, and carefully follow any directions given by the mod creator.

Seamless Co-Op

Briefly: Allows multiple players to play through the game together easily.

For anyone who wants to play through the game with friends, this is hands down the best Elden Ring mod out there. Not only does it dramatically improve connectivity (no more “A connection error occured”), but it removes almost all of the restrictions usually present in Co-op. All players can ride Torrent, no one looks like a phantom, and no one gets sent home when the boss dies. You can also enter dungeons and go to new areas with no need for resummoning. (Spirit ashes are still unavailable when other players are present, however.) This mod also has its own executable, so you don’t have to activate/deactivate it to swap between vanilla and the mod.

One of the coolest aspects of the mod is how progress is 100% shared — if you defeat a boss, everyone will get the rewards (as long as it’s the first time each character has beaten the boss), and any character present when the boss dies can load up their own save and find that the boss is dead in their world too. While it definitely makes the game easier, and it isn’t really the way papa Miyazaki intended Elden Ring to be played, it’s a heck of a lot of fun riding across Limgrave with your friends.

elden ring spider man meme
Ha, take a look at this guy!

Anti-Cheat Toggler & Offline Launcher

Briefly: Makes it easy to switch between modded and un-modded gameplay

Unlike the Seamless Co-Op mod, most mods don’t come with their own launcher, and some require you to disable the anti-cheat before using them. This mod is really just a tool that allows you to toggle the anti-cheat — it also comes with an offline launcher, which can save you a step when trying to run a mod.

Easy Mode

Briefly: Makes the game easier, primarily by reducing damage taken and increasing damage done by the player.

Elden Ring is hard, and not everyone has the time or energy to “git gud”. For people like that, there’s the Easy Mode mod! It comes with three versions: the basic version is a simple buff to the player’s defense and offense, while the other versions do things like multiply runes per kill, remove FP costs of skills and spells, and dramatically increase item discovery.

While the stand-alone Easy Mode currently isn’t compatible with 1.05, a user has combined it with Grand Merchant and updated it to run in 1.05, so for now you’ll need to also run Grand Merchant if you want to use Easy Mode. This version can be found here.

Grand Merchant

Briefly: Lets you craft every item in the game for free.

If you’ve ever wished you could play through the whole game with your favorite weapon — but that weapon is in somewhere like the Consecrated Snowfield — this is the mod for you. It makes every item in the game craftable for free, allowing you to craft the perfect build without ever leaving Limgrave.

elden ring item crafting mod image v2
You can’t craft spells, sadly, but you can craft the required prayerbook or scroll!

Elden Ring Reforged

Briefly: Complete overhaul of most of the game’s systems.

Elden Ring, like all of FromSoft’s games, is a flawed masterpiece, and ERR attempts to fix those flaws with a dramatic rebalancing of basically everything in the game, while also adding tons of cool QoL features.

Hitboxes have been modified, the camera behaves differently in boss fights, and you can even resurrect bosses at Roundtable Hold. The mod also adds deflects, ten new affinities, and makes Madness and Blight usable against normal enemies… and that’s only the highlights; the complete list of changes is massive. If you’ve ever complained about something in Elden Ring, chances are this mod at least attempts to address it — yes, they nerfed Waterfowl Dance.

We hope you found this list helpful! If you’ve got a mod you think people should check out, please feel free to recommend it in the comments below.

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