Analyzing Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Leak: Potential New Weapons, Quests, Additions to Map

Those who were here for the Cyberpunk 2077 launch remember how things unfolded: several long-awaited features were cut, areas of the map left unfinished, the game greeted many of its players with poor performance and ridiculous bugs. CDPR got hit with a bouquet of lawsuits from investors and most of the DLC content was soon postponed.

We aren’t even discussing the PlayStation Store pull and hacking troubles that followed in the months after.
Eventful, to say the least.

analyzing cyberpunk 2077 dlc leak game back on playstation
Cyberpunk 2077 did return to the PlayStation Store since, but a lot of desired fixes still seem to be missing.

However, before the party cake hit the fan CD Projekt RED had many plans for the game and a hopeful schedule for expansions. As it turns out, with how certain they were about the original release schedule, some of these DLC plans have ended up in the code.

u/Saint-Pirate shared this finding with the Reddit users as a follow-up to his initial discovery of the potential new quests for Mr. Hands under “EP-1,” found in the Cyberpunk 2077 text files after patch 1.2 in April (implying that CDPR is actively working on the expansion).

This time Saint-Pirate dug into the leaked source code and put together all of the mentions of “ep” and “dlc,” where EPs are likely to be large paid expansions and DLCs are free content. Curious Redditors offered suggestions for each of the code snippets, helping create a long list of potential upcoming features.

Potential Content of Cyberpunk 2077 DLCs

Here is what the Reddit community suggested for the code snippets so far:

  1. dlc1_swp – Weapon Pack, “s” likely meaning “Smart.”
  2. dlc2_jposes – New poses for the photo mode.
  3. dlc3_kab1 – Map reworking or additional content added for Kabuki.
  4. dlc4_quartz – Potential new features for character customization.
  5. dlc5_jackets – New unique outfits.
  6. dlc6_apart – Additional content or even customization added for the player apartment.
  7. dlc7_pwp – Weapon Pack, “p” likely meaning “Power.”
  8. dlc8_mirror – New poses or actions for the mirror interaction.
  9. dlc9_arr06 – Map reworking or additional content added for Arroyo.
  10. dlc10_monster – Perhaps Witcher-inspired opponents or a tough boss fight.
  11. dlc11_jlook – New character customization options.
  12. dlc12_mfinish – Finishers similar to The Witcher 3 free DLC, “Finishing Moves”.
  13. dlc13_twp – Weapon Pack, “t” likely meaning “Thermal or Tech.”
  14. dlc14_arr12 – Map reworking or additional content added for Arroyo.
  15. dlc15_ngplus – NG+/New Game Plus mode.
  16. dlc16_jpn06 – Map reworking or additional content added for Japantown.
  17. dlc17_bwp – Weapon Pack, “b” likely meaning “Blunt.”
analyzing cyberpunk 2077 dlc leak list of dlc and ep from the code
List found inside leaked source code, screenshot by u/Saint-Pirate. (Yes, the interface is in Russian.)

In other words, there seems to be a lot of potential minor content additions CDPR is preparing for the game. It’s easy to get the expectations too high (expecting entire map areas to be re-worked, for example), and it’s an easy recipe for disappointment.

It’s likely that most of the DLCs will be small, but it’s good to see that there is a good variety of goodies being prepared for release.

New weapons, map content, and NG+ are all very exciting to see, but keep in mind that the list above is based on bits of code and community interpretation. Many of these can easily be changed or cut, and community guesses can be wrong to begin with.

Potential Content of Cyberpunk 2077 Expansions

However, while it makes sense for the DLC content to be minor, it’s reasonable to expect paid expansions to be more substantial. u/Saint-Pirate could not dig up much about Expansion 2, but he could share some details about Expansion 1 based on what he saw in the game files.

Using cp77tools and unbundling “onscreens,” Saint-Pirate found mentions of new street stories, Mr. Hands, and some interesting text bits for new gigs.

analyzing cyberpunk 2077 dlc leak code snippets for expansions
Code snippets from game files, screenshot by u/Saint-Pirate

Overall, he predicts that Expansion 1 will have new content for Pacifica, as well as add a Combat Zone with new quests, locations, and lore.

A lot of Cyberpunk 2077 fans have been eagerly waiting to hear what content is in store for Mr. Hands and how one of the endings to the game will be developed on with the future expansions (no spoilers here). Seeing that there is definitely something in store for the mysterious fixer and Pacifica is very exciting.

However, we do not know what changes have occurred since the latest delay and CDPR has been fairly quiet about new content, (understandably) focusing a lot of their recent attention on patches and fixes for the game.

analyzing cyberpunk 2077 dlc leak last schedule for the expansion
For some time, CDPR has been quietly missing a lot of the deadlines they have set for year 2022, and a newly updated Roadmap was shared in July.

Since the release of Patch 1.23 in June and the new Roadmap in July, fans have been glancing at the new deadlines with building excitement. It seems that the next planned milestone will be the first free DLC, but with previous patches taking a few months each it’s possible that we will have to wait a few months more before the first additional content pack becomes available.

It’s good to break the silence on the topic at least in some way but, at the end of the day, we have no idea about the details or the scope of what CD Projekt RED is planning for Cyberpunk 2077 in 2022.

The company has been very careful about how much they promise and reveal, recovering from the public reaction to Cyberpunk 2077 delays and its unpolished release, as well as being weary about the lawsuits they are currently dealing with.

What are your thoughts on this information, fellow fans?
It’s almost August and it feels like CDPR might post something at any moment now — a small free content pack, a release date for the DLCs or the first Expansion, or maybe both! Are you very much ready to hear about it? Stifling any expectations? Feeling like it’s too little too late?
Let us know in the comments below!

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