Cities: Skylines – Industries Expansion Available on Console

Players of Cities: Skylines on the xBox One and PS4 will be pleased to hear that the Industries Expansion is now available for you. Industries is the most in-depth expansion ever for Cities. You can build factories, customize areas of industry and create supply chains for four different types of industry. There’s also a brand-new radio station for you to listen to, with the free gameplay update.

It’s a big expansion, that gives you the ability to create your own powerful industry. Mine or harvest resources and turn them into luxury items, cars, electronics, and ship them off to your stores, or fly them to other cities. The full produce supply chain is yours to manage.

Key Features of Cities: Skylines Industries

  • Follow your goods from harvesting and processing through to storage and production. Finally arriving at your commercial zones.
  • Define your areas of industry, place highly specialized industrial buildings to manage the production chain from raw extraction to the final product, in four different types (Farming, Forest, Ore and Oil). Reach your goals and staffing requirements and see them level up.
  • Build new buildings such as Extractors, Warehouse Facilities, Processing and Auxiliary Buildings, Industrial Props, roads and unique factories that will make produce food, toys, furniture, cars, electronics and luxury products.
  • Mange your produce logistics, by way of the new cargo services and cargo airports
  • Create and establish a postal chain, with mail delivery and collection. Create post sorting facilities, post offices, and post vans and trucks to enable the carriage.
  • Three new industry policies and four new city-wide policies, such as workers union, sorting, tolls, wi-fi, logistics, work safety and automation.
  • Five new maps, rich in resources, transport options and opportunities for industry.
  • Oh, and four new hats for Chirper

But that wasn’t it though, to coincide with this expansion there’s also a free content update which brings with it, a new radio station. Synthetic Dawn features 16 tracks across four genres: 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats and Futuristic Synths.

The free update brings toll booths, the ability to mark zoned areas as historical, and the ability to create custom name lists for citizens, districts and spawned buildings.

As an ‘even more’ thing. Pearls from the East is coming to the console as part of the free update, bringing a touch of oriental class to your cities. Chinese Architecture, and design plus panda’s because why not, are all ready to be included in your city. Including Shanghai Pearl Tower, Panda Zoo and a Chinese Temple.

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