BioShock 4 – What It Needs

There were recently rumors swirling about the potential Antarctic setting of the next BioShock game that may or may not launch later this year. And as a result, we now have this Game Informer article that shares some suggestions for what a new game in the BioShock series does and doesn’t need.

Here’s a quick excerpt to get you started:

Needs: A City

If there’s one thing people think of when they think of the BioShock franchise, it’s the cities that players inhabit. Be it the first two games’ underwater utopia-turned-dystopia Rapture or the high-in-the-sky Christian religion-inspired Columbia of Infinite, the city itself was a character. Rapture was iconic as an underwater city, filled to the brim with 1960s glitz and glamor. It was also designed in such a way that finding your way around was easy.

Columbia was a bit more open, leaning heavier into the shooting gallery aspect of the FPS genre, but it was saturated with color and iconography that made a seemingly bright and sunny place feel daunting and alien. If one thing is certain, Cloud Chamber’s BioShock must feature a setting that’s long-remembered after its debut.

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