Arcanum Reactions

RPGvault put forth more impressions from the beta of the… holocaustic/colonial/technological RPG Arcanum:

…it rapidly becomes apparent that the world of Arcanum is an expansive one. The first destination on the main plot line is a small town called Shrouded Hills. The game is non-linear in that it is possible either to head straight there or to wander and see the land. Two modes of travel are available. The first is simply to walk or run. I have not traveled all the way to the town in this manner, so I can’t tell you how long it takes. In any case, the time seems likely to vary depending on the random encounters that occur en route. The second method of travel is via the world map. This involves choosing a destination on the map, and then clicking a button to initiate travel. This is, of course, much easier. However, it seems to result in far fewer random encounters, meaning less opportunity to build up relatively easy experience points.

For the rest of the insight, here’s the place you’ll want to go.

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