Arcanum Rabid Fan Update

A fortunate soul, one of the perpetual fans of the coming-soon RPG Arcanum and poster-extrordinaire on the offical Arcanum message boards, was able to sneak past the guard dogs at the Troika Offices and get a sneak peak of the game as well as talk with the team. He detailed his experience with thoughts on the game, Tim’s dog, the Countown Clock and much more in an adventure journal that’s now up at RPGPlanet. Here’s a shaving:

I learned that they are in the process of incorporating ‘dumb’ journal entries. When a stupid character makes a journal entry, it is now ‘dumbed down.’ I believe Leon is working on this, and one of the examples Tim mentioned is from the crash site. Instead of “Virgil seems to think I’m some sort of important religious figure,” it’s something like, “Voi-gil say me impotent litigious person.” It’s little things like this that make playing games like Arcanum so much fun. We also talked about other languages, and that they’re going to drop Italian. We spoke of the difficulties of translating not just the words but the meaning into other languages. The dumb journal entries are a good example: a direct translation of the above wouldn’t work, because of the play on words between ‘important’ and ‘impotent.’ It’s little things like this that make making games like Arcanum such a painful process.

Thanks goes out to Calis of Terra Arcanum for this morsel, where they too have the journal posted, in a slightly more formatted flavor.

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