Anticipation and Speculation Building Up for Starfield and Its Release Date

Since Starfield was left out of Bethesda’s Developer Direct showcase last month, fans have been chomping at the bit for more information about the game, especially its release date.

Starfield is currently the second most wishlisted game on Steam, surpassed only by a game that is set to release today (Sons of the Forest at the time of writing). Starfield will be Bethesda Game Studios’ first new intellectual property in 25 years, and their first game to release since Fallout 76 in 2018, so fans are eager to get their hands on it.

Originally set to release November 11, 2022, the game was delayed until the first half of 2023. But, as the expected release window closes in, Bethesda has been decidedly mum about the project. When it was left out of the Developer Direct lineup, the studio promised a standalone showcase at a later date. Last week, an official post in the studio’s Discord server confirmed that they are “still sorting stuff out for it.”

bethesda still sorting out starfield

Meanwhile, speculation and possible leaks have run rampant. A screenshot of the GOG Galaxy store page for the game that was posted on Twitter earlier this month shows a release date of June 29th. That date appears to have been quickly removed from the page. Before that, the game’s page on one of the “grey market” websites had its release date marked for March 23rd. That date has also been removed since. It’s likely that both of those dates were simply placeholders.

Several posts on social media have also made claims about the game’s release date, but it’s impossible to verify any of them at the current moment.

It’s worth noting that the game will be an Xbox/Windows exclusive, and Xbox will be showing off its lineup at E3 between June 13th and 16th. That’s right at the end of the Starfield’s current release window, and a couple weeks before the release date that was shown on the GOG Galaxy store. But it’s all just speculation until an official date is announced.

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