Alpha Protocol Preview

Blend Games brings us a brief preview of SEGA and Obsidian Entertainment’s spy-themed RPG, Alpha Protocol.

The odds are stacked against Michael but he was trained well by the CIA. He can use a combination of stealth, combat, and technical skills to achieve his objectives. He’ll also acquire a variety of cutting edge weaponry and gadgets, which he can store at safe houses across the globe. He’ll also have special abilities he can call upon to help him out of tight spots, such as a heightened reaction time that allows him to slow down the action temporarily.

Unlike most secret agent games, Alpha Protocol is not merely an action game. It is first and foremost an RPG and as you advance in the game, you’ll gain experience points to put into any of Michael’s ten skills in order to reinforce your preferred play style. The game allows you to decide what kind of secret agent Michael will be and the missions will be flexible enough to accommodate player choice. Will you sneak into the enemy base through the sewer duct, charge the front gate with a shotgun at the ready, or fast-talk your way past the guards?

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