Alpha Protocol E3 Previews

Obsidian Entertainment’s showing of Alpha Protocol at E3 has spawned two more hands-on previews of the spy-themed RPG.

First up is VGChartz:

At its core, the game is still an RPG though. So you will have a skill system where you can level up a total of nine abilities that include stealth, sabotage, toughness, martial arts, weapon expertise, and more. You can also activate buffs that will help you through tough missions. In addition, the more people you converse with, the more intel and reputation you will acquire. There is also an ability in the game named Fury. It works similar to Witch Time (found in Bayonetta). Fury will slow down the world around you and allow you to wreck face before the enemy even knew what hit them.

The game is all about decisions. You are constantly faced with choices. Do you want to take your enemy does lethally or non-lethally? Do you want to be a tough guy who runs in with guns blazing or a more manipulative guy who thinks things through? If you choose the more manipulative approach, you may want to take advantage of your surroundings. To kill the enemy up on top of the water tower, why not just blow up the water tower instead of running in and shooting him? You don’t have to choose between good and evil. The game is more detailed than that. The game will have a good amount of replay value due to it’s willingness to let you choose your path. There are multiple endings to the game, but how many endings specifically have not been revealed yet.

And then we have Aeropause:

While Nestor was taking the (break down the front door) approach to the refinery, Alpha Protocol allows you to tailor your skills to your style of gameplay. If you would rather stick to the shadows and sneak your way in, you will have that option. It is just as easy to pull the trigger, as it is to snap to cover, hide in the shadows and creep your way to the target objective.

Inside of each level of Alpha Protocol, you will have chances to find sub-objectives via computer terminals, other characters and so on. In our Middle East mission, we found a computer terminal that brought up a mini-game to hack the machine. The hacking game consisted of matching a static group of numbers from a scrolling pattern. There are several types of these mini-games based on the type of device you are looking to unlock.

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