Aion Classic Character Creation Becomes Available Today

If you’ve got an awesome name for your Aion Classic character all lined up, today’s the day to lock it in. A post on the official Aion forum states that the period allowing Aion Classic Character Creation and Name Reservation will begin at 9AM PST (4PM UTC) today. You’ll also be able to start creating your character, and given all the options available, you could spend the week leading up to release just getting your character’s nose perfect.

Look at all those sliders

Players who still haven’t chosen a name, or even figured out what class they’re going to play, still have one week until Aion Classic’s June 23rd launch date. If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to get one of the Founder’s Pack (which include some exclusive titles and costumes, an item pack, and up to three months of Siel’s Aura), they will still be available for purchase until 6/30, one week after the launch of Aion Classic.

To get started, head on over to the official site, create an account, and download the NCLauncher. The option to download Classic should become available in the launcher at 9am PST today. If you’ve got other questions, check out the pre-launch FAQ.

aion classic launcher
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