A Knights Quest – Classic Adventuring Released in Autumn

A Knight’s Quest is a game developed by Sky 9 Games and d3t, that brings a new modern take on what could be considered to be a classic old-school adventure experience. Play as Rusty, a happy-go-lucky yet clumsy adventurer, who unwittingly starts a chain of events that will ultimately end the world, and jump, battle and puzzle-solve your way to saving the world.

A Knight’s Tale is a classic style adventure game, not fettered by endless additional gameplay systems. The game play is action adventure, and the combat is fast and fluid, with fun platform elements that use all of Rusty’s acrobatic moves, in a game packed with over 30 hours of gameplay.

Rusty is brave, kind, smooth and ever so lightly daft. Though despite his good nature, he’s clumsy and bad things just tend to happen to him. Like accidentally starting the end of the world for example. The only way he is going to write his wrong is to travel the land and defeat a myriad of enemies, large and small, solve puzzles and platform his way to victory.

Though he may start off a simple Adventurer with nothing more than a sword and a shield, he soon gathers unique and powerful abilities, known as Spirit Powers. These Spirit Powers are powerful abilities that have the power to transform Rusty and the land around him. As he harnesses the powers of fire, ice and even time itself, he can use them to defeat enemies or to solve environmental puzzles.

A Knight’s Quest is set in the kingdom of Regalia, as he completes his quest he will visit a wide array of different landscapes, from the desert town of Zameris, and the ice-laden Peaky Peaks, to the cursed swamp. Each populated with a vivid cast of colorful characters, that bring the world to life. Some friendly, some less so, specifically characters like General Windpipe and The Watcher.

Danger and death are never too far away, you must be constantly on guard against attacks from brutal foot-soldiers, grunts, minions and the all-powerful screen-filling big bosses.

A Knight’s Quest will be available this Autumn on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for (£19.99 / ¬24.99 / $24.99.)

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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