The Callisto Protocol 2/14 Patch 1.12, Adjust Darkness in Settings

The Callisto Protocol just dropped a Valentine’s Day patch, only a week after the release of the game’s Hardcore Mode on February 7th. This 1.12 patch, which came with minimal patch notes (again), takes up about 351 megabytes. It was released with a brief explanation of the changes. Let me list them all as follows (try to keep up):

  • Added HDR calibration settings so users can adjust darkness levels to their preference via the Options menu

And that’s it. There may be other things in the small update that we don’t know about, especially given The Callisto Protocol’s track record, but the only feature worth noting enough for the developers was that the darkness setting can now be changed mid-game. Honestly, we hadn’t even noticed it couldn’t be before.

Some users on Steam took to discussion boards to try to determine if anything else was changed with this patch, but so far players have been reporting identical performance in all areas, with no users yet mentioning any bugs or glitches being fixed. It seems like this one might just be what it says on the tin; they added a darkness slider to the Options menu. The Callisto Protocol never fails to impress.

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